International Joint Ventures

Verinlegno is on the international market for more than twenty years and distributes its high-performance coatings through direct sales channels with exclusive partners covering the entire European market, Western and Eastern, and many countries in the Middle East and Africa. At productive level, considering  the demand for high technology, Verinlegno has always managed all markets directly in its own production factories in Italy, in order to have  always under control product quality  through its highly specialized personnel.
In recent years the opening of impressive markets like the ones in India and in the US, have led the company to establish partnerships with qualified companies "on the spot", providing know-how and technology, to initiate the production through joint ventures directly in the countries concerned: India and the United States of America.

Verinlegno Holding

The distinctive feature of some international markets requires a non-conventional approach. In addition to that, if these markets are strategically relevant, then it is necessary to adopt well-defined and specific tools in order to make the required rootedness be possible and to protect against any unruliness.
For this reason, in 2014, VERINLEGNO HOLDING was established; it is a specific tool aiming to hold equity participations and to make acquisitions so that its presence in the foreign reference countries is well organized. Woodver  in India and VerylaK in the United States are already operative.